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        2021 National Laminated molding Industry Annual Meeting and international technology Exchange meeting will be held in Nanning

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               From October 23 to 24, the 2021 National Laminated Molding Industry Annual Meeting and International Technology Exchange Meeting was held in Nanning, sponsored by the Molding Material Professional Committee of China Composite Material Industry Association. Zang Feigui, general manager of Youjiete, and Ma Mingbo, deputy general manager of Youjiete attended the meeting as the deputy director of molding Material Committee of China Composite Material Industry Association.


        Professor Huang Jiakang, senior expert, introduced the profile of composite molding

              As an annual event for the laminated moulding industry in China, members of the moulding material Committee and enterprise representatives from the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the industry gathered to discuss the severe challenges and great opportunities faced by the moulding material industry with the idea of "making progress and forging ahead".


              In addition, the meeting also specially invited China association of composite materials, Japan composites association leadership colleagues, Europe and the United States composites industry such as outstanding representatives, to introduce the foreign composites industry present situation and future development direction, discusses how important on the basis of their own advantages in combination with foreign advanced technology and market demand at home and abroad, seeking composites industry vigorous powerful comprehensive development.

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