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        Congratulations, five patents have been officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office

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        The five patents declared by our company have been officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office and awarded the "Certificate of Invention Patent" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office recently.

        Among them, the green plant water storage device and rainwater grate of our company have obtained utility model and appearance patent. Our products are committed to improving the disadvantage of single appearance and high cost of municipal products. First of all, the specific strength and specific stiffness of composite products are higher, which can fully ensure the bearing needs of municipal products; Secondly, the fatigue resistance of composite materials is better, the fatigue strength of general metal is 40%-50% of the tensile strength, and some composite materials can be as high as 70%-80%, and the safety performance is better when using for a long time. Third, the appearance of composite materials is diverse and colorful, which can provide more choices for municipal design.

        Since the establishment of the company, it attaches great importance to scientific and technological research and development, actively carry out technological research, independent innovation achievements are remarkable. The enterprise's ability to create and use intellectual property rights is constantly enhanced, which has become the endogenous driving force to accelerate the improvement and upgrading of the company's series of products. Up to now, the company has 47 domestic authorized patents.

        In the future, the company will continue to uphold the craftsman spirit, and continue to strengthen the patent technology and transformation of patented technology, providing strong technical support for the company's sustainable, stable and healthy development.

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