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      1. Hengshui Youjiete New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

        Hengshui YOUJIETE New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Composite Material Complete Set Product for Gas Station

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        Manhole well for non-bearing irrigation area-1400mm


        Strengthened inward-flanged manhole well (1400)

        YOUJIETE Strengthened inward-flanged manhole well is mainly used for preventing soil pollution caused by oil leakage occurs on the pipe joint of underground tank in gas stations, but also for preventing the groundwater from entering into the operation well and corrode the equipment instruments in the well. Standard inward-flanged manhole is a protection container for joints, valves, pumps, underground pipeline joints and sensors of underground tank. It also provides a clean space between the underground tank and the ground, to facilitate future repair and maintenance. After development & research, and site application, it is certified that the optimized structure, upgraded inward-flanged manhole well has more strength, better sealing property, and is much easier for installation.


        1. Anti-static, high strengthened SMC composite material is adopted for the body structure.

        2. Water absorption rate for SMC material is low, which gives a better anti-leakage performance together work with pipe sealing parts.

        3. Unique high-pressure thermoforming, advanced manufacturing technology, beautiful appearance

        4. 1.4m large working space, easy to operate

        5. The well thickness is 10 mm, which is easy to open holes and keep its strength requirement, and easily install.

        6. The height can be adjusted according to site actual installation height requirement.

        7. Oil and water monitoring sensors can be installed inside, and automatic alarm can be given when leakage occurs, realizing the intelligent management of the oil station.

        8. 8 big and small walls of each are for installation of pipeline, conduit etc. 

        BASIC DATA

        1. Wall thickness of 1400 inward-flanged manhole well is 10mm, the standard manhole well height within load-bearing tank area is 1m; the standard height within non- load-bearing tank area is 1.3 meter.

        2. Manhole well for load-bearing tank area (standard equipped height is 1m) is composed of two sections, lower section (H=0.55m) and middle section(H=0.45m)

        3. Manhole well for non-load-bearing tank area (standard equipped height is 1.3m) is composed of three sections, that are lower section, middle section and upper section, 1 pc for each section.

        4. One upper section can be added on the manhole well to adjust the height, and the height will be increased by 0.3m.

        5. Main shell wall thickness is 10mm, reducing part has reinforced RIB inside to increase the load-bearing capacity.

        6. Has better structure, the upper section fits round type, socket and spigot part is concentric, this makes well sealed and easy to install.

        7. Thickened flange has better strength, wide flange type can be selected for tank flange, type of matching flange is increased.