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      1. Hengshui Youjiete New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

        Hengshui YOUJIETE New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Composite Material Complete Set Product for Gas Station

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        Application of composite materials in electric power products

        Product features

        1. Excellent electrical performance; 2, excellent flame retardant performance; 3, good mechanical strength; 4, excellent weather resistance, anti aging; 5, good dimensional stability; 6, good coloring performance; 7, good surface smoothness and color symmetry

        It is mainly used for

        Meter box, switch box, electric cabinet, cable bracket, cable branch box, capacitance compensation cabinet, water pump control box, communication device cabinet, optical cable handoff box, street lamp control box and traffic control cabinet

        The performance characteristics of

        1. Good flame retardant and high oxygen index

        2. Good surface effect, can produce products of any color

        3. Good weather resistance, not easy to aging

        4. High strength and strong toughness