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      1. Hengshui Youjiete New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

        Hengshui YOUJIETE New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Composite Material Complete Set Product for Gas Station

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        Introduction of YOUJIETE prepreg

        Prepreg, commonly known as molded plastics, is a combination of continuous fiber and fabric impregnated with resin under strict control conditions, and is an intermediate in the manufacture of advanced composite materials. The structural unit with certain mechanical properties can be designed. Some of its properties are directly transplanted into the composite products. The quality of prepreg directly affects the quality of the composite materials.


        Type of prepreg

        According to the type of resin selected, it can be divided into:

        Thermosetting prepreg and thermoplastic prepreg

        According to the type of resin selected, it can be divided into:

        Epoxy prepreg, polyamide prepreg, phenolic prepreg, cyanate prepreg, polyalum prepreg, polyether prepreg, etc

        According to the reinforcement material type, it can be divided into:

        Carbon fiber prepreg, glass fiber prepreg, aramong fiber prepreg, basalt fiber prepreg, boron fiber prepreg, etc

        According to the structural type of reinforced material, it can be divided into:

        Unidirectional fiber prepreg, cut fiber prepreg, fabric prepreg, etc

        At present, our company mainly produces carbon fiber, glass fiber as reinforced materials of epoxy thermosetting resin prepreg.

        Basic characteristics of prepreg

        1.High strength, small density. Carbon fiber prepregs are six to 12 times stronger than steel, but only a quarter as dense.

        2.High precision. Because the prepreg accurately controls the resin content, reinforcement material content and reinforcement material arrangement during the molding process, the resin outflow is less, and the products with high precision of mechanical properties and dimensions can be obtained.

        3.Good plasticity, easy to shape. Prepreg is a dry material, and has a certain bond, layering is simple, can be precisely laid in accordance with the performance requirements.

        4.The appearance of products is better. Because the prepreg impregnation is complete, the internal bubble is less, the surface of the product is smooth and smooth, and the quality level is high.

        5.Compared with the traditional production environment of composite materials, the production environment is clean and tidy with little impact on the environment.

        Application scope of prepreg

        Prepreg because of its significant advantages, has now been widely used in aerospace, fishing tackle, sports equipment, sporting goods and other fields, military is also involved, such as the manufacture of rockets, missiles, satellites, radar, bulletproof vehicles, bulletproof clothing and other important military products.

        Since the establishment of a complete production line, our company has been committed to the technical research and development of fiber reinforced composite materials (carbon fiber, glass fiber) and the application and development of composite products in the field of automobile and rail transit. We can provide customers with technical services from product structure design, process design to batch manufacturing. Attach great importance to the combination of material design and advanced manufacturing technology, according to customer needs, to provide advanced functional fiber composite material research and development based on "high strength, lightweight" and product manufacturing services and solutions.