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      1. Hengshui Youjiete New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

        Hengshui YOUJIETE New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Composite Material Complete Set Product for Gas Station

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        About YOUJIETE

          Hengshui Youjiete New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2016, is located in the north China plain only keep, waters and tidal flats, meadow and swamp forests such as complete wetland ecosystem of nature reserve - the south bank of Hengshui Lake,is a set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the national high and new technology enterprise. In 2021, the company was rated as the leading enterprise of environmental protection by the environmental protection department, and the environmental benchmark enterprise of the glass fiber reinforced plastic industry in Hengshui City. It is not restricted by the production limit of air pollution, and can meet the annual production and customer supply requirements.

          The company introduced more than 70 sets of advanced production equipment, more than 30 sets of experimental equipment. The main production equipment is 3000 tons of high performance composite material press 1, 2000 tons of composite material press 2, 1500 tons of composite material press 1, 1000 tons of composite material press 1, 630 tons of composite material press 1, 315 tons of composite material press 3, 5 axis machining center 1, 1 set of automatic online mixing SMC sheet molding machine and many sets of auxiliary equipment.

          The main business scope: new materials research and development, manufacturing, sales, technical consulting services; Environmental protection products with composite materials for gas stations, oil depot and refinery, decoration labeling products with composite materials for construction, design, manufacturing, sales, technical consulting services and agent installation services of composite materials accessories and raw materials; Design, production, sales and leasing of auto parts, auto decoration supplies, rail transit parts, ship parts, aerospace parts, medical equipment parts, power facilities parts, construction templates, road and bridge tooling templates, logistics and warehousing pallets; Guardrail, barrier, sound barrier, protective net, anti-dazzle net, traffic safety facilities, road traffic signs, windproof and dust suppression net and municipal, electric power, communication composite material products production, sales, installation.

          The company has 18 professional design and development personnel, including Hengshui City management expert 1, "double hundred and double thousand" science and technology talent 2, Hebei Province "three three" talent 2, industry leading professor expert 1, foreign technical expert 1, can provide customers with product design, process realization, quality control and other full set of programs; At the same time we have independent mold design ability.

          With gas station supporting engineering products as the core, auto parts as the new growth point, and municipal engineering products as the supplement, the company is deeply involved in the composite material products market. With market development as the guide, technological innovation as the guide, quality assurance as the support, lean production as the basis, and constantly strengthening and improving the management level. To build the enterprise into the industry's leading supplier of high-performance composite products and application solutions.

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        Add.:No. 589, Chang’an east road, Jizhou district, Hengshui city, Hebei province,China