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      1. Hengshui Youjiete New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

        Hengshui YOUJIETE New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Composite Material Complete Set Product for Gas Station

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        Quality assurance

        Quality assurance

          Our company now implements GB/T19001-2016/ISO9000:2015, GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015, GB/T45001-2020/ISO45001:2018, IATF16949:2016 management system, Fully implement the ISO9001, IATF16949 quality system, strictly implement the three inspection, namely raw materials into the factory inspection, production process inspection, factory inspection, in the production process is also adopted self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection and other measures to ensure the quality of products, to ensure that unqualified products do not leave the factory. Strictly in accordance with user requirements and the relevant national standards, no national standard of the products under the standard of the enterprise) organize production, to provide products, guarantee provided by the product without the use of a new product, and adopting the most suitable raw materials, advanced technology, guarantee the quality of products, specifications and performance in accordance with the bid documents as described or user requirements. Products in the manufacturing project at any time welcome customers to the enterprise to supervise the production, the goods adopt the most appropriate mode of transportation, packaging and marking in line with the national standards and user requirements.

        Products of the company

        1.Loadbearing manhole cover: it has passed the inspection of National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center with a load-bearing capacity of 40 tons. The standard is BS EN124:2015;

        2.Manhole operating well: qualified after testing, the standard is based on Q/YJT01-2018 Composite Manhole Operating Well for Gas Station;

        3.Color non-load-bearing manhole cover: qualified after testing, the standard is based on Q/YJT 02-2018 "Color manhole cover under non-driveway in oil tank area of gas station";

        4.Drains and grates: qualified by National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, bearing 40 tons, according to BS EN124:1994;

        5.Battery box cover: according to customer requirements, tailored.

        Inspection center

          In order to achieve material performance by data, the company in accordance with the requirements of CNAS national accredited laboratory, and combined with the characteristics of composite materials to establish a testing center, testing center includes five related laboratories;

        1.Chemistry laboratory: resin acid value, curing degree, gel time; Glass fiber content, oxygen index, acid and alkali resistance, etc.;

        2.Physical laboratory: material density, hardness, surface quality, electrical properties, transmittance, reflectance, thermal deformation temperature, etc.

        3.Mechanics laboratory: tensile strength, compression strength, bending strength and its modulus, impact toughness, impact performance of falling ball, etc.

        4.Functional laboratory: xenon lamp aging, ultraviolet aging, thermal aging, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, etc.;

        5.Sample room: three-axis linkage engraving machine, sample collection and processing according to the national standard, the main shape is spline type, dumbbell type.

          The testing center can carry out comprehensive and systematic testing on the composite materials and the related performance indicators of the products, realize the whole control from raw materials to finished products, and determine the quality in a timely and effective manner.


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